The users of Allegro laundry detergents are very satisfied and we get a lot of feedback on our products.

  • Itchiness is gone
  • Free of zeolites
  • The washing machine doesn't smell bad anymore!
  • The laundry is fresh and soft
  • Free of perfumes
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for person with atopic skin
  • Relieved skin conditions
  • No more dusty laundry
  • Suitable for washing baby laundry
  • Doesn’t fade colors
  • Excellent washing results
  • Conveniently sized packaging

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Find out why they use Allegro continuously!

We always take glowing praise of products by sales people with a grain of salt.

That’s why we only bring up customer feedback here. Some partial copies of re-orders, i.e., the reasons for ordering more of the product. There are thousands more of these. These are mainly from January-February 2012.

Here you can see why people keep re-ordering our products. Reasons include: the positive effects on skin conditions and perfume intolerance, the lack of “washing machine smell”, the fresher laundry, the affordability and more. The customers’ names have been left out due to privacy policy.

Allegro helps with skin problems.

* Allegro Plus Singapore is the best thing that’s happened to my family’s sensitive skin whilst living in Singapore. No more horrible rashes and itchiness. Simply wonderful. I would recommend it to everyone - not least those with young children.

Jette H., Singapore

Laundry becomes clean and soft

* I also need to celebrate with Allegro Plus Singapore as I discovered the best detergent I can find to wash my laundry. I actually first tried it with my white sheets and immediately felt the difference...

it feels cleaner and fresher. We all know how much humidity we have in Singapore, it just feels lighter and the scent I may say is crispy clean compared to my favourite floral scented detergent (and I thought I’m using the best detergent). As the instruction says, I don’t need any fabric softener, and you really don’t need it as the laundry just feels soft after washing. It feels like the fabric of my clothes were rebooted - like new! The heaviness I feel when humidity takes over is not there since there’s no sticky heavily scented fabric softener that competes with my perfume or cologne.

Not to mention my savings for not buying other laundry stuff. My sister in law says she spends about $6 to $8 a week for a fabric softener.

Now you can do the maths... Overall, I’m very satisfied and happy with my decision to try Allegro. I will definitely recommend this to every household.

Maritza S..,


Saves the washing machine, a smaller amount of detergent is sufficient.

*A fabulous product, I’ve been using Allegro since August and our laundry which includes lots of stinky, sweaty, gym gear and chlorine-y swimwear and towels all come up beautifully. All nasty smells disappear and everything is clean, bright and fresh. Very economical too, a little goes a long way.

Carol F., Singapore

* The laundry smells fresh. You don’t need a different detergent for washing white and colored laundry. The washing machine stays clean.

Paula, Finland

* Can I say, I ran out of Allegro recently and I was genuinely desperate for the new shipment!

My clothes smelt horrible, my whites went dull and my laundry was generally crap.

The shipment came and my beautiful bed linen is whiter than white and my husband’s stinky cycle wear is deodorised.

Tina S., Singapore

Allegro relieves scent problems

* Just wanted to thank you for making this wonderful product available in Singapore: my whites have never been so white, and I love how clean my laundry feels and smells now!

Ines G., Singapore

* I am never going back to normal washing powder, allegro is fantastic!!

Aleathia H.,Singapore

Allegro PLUS 8 kg quantity: 1

previous use: no

itchiness in household: yes

perfume intolerance in household: yes

From where did you hear about us: The family whose children I sometimes take care of uses your products, also often mentioned by parents who prefer the use of cloth diapers 



Amount of used packages: 4

From where did you hear about us: Online

Why do you use our products: There is no white washing powder residue on black clothes. No zeolite buildup in the washing machine.

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