Allegro – Finnish laundry detergent

Allegro - laundry detergents are free of zeolites, perfumes, color-fading substances, and preservatives. 

  • Allegro laundry detergents are produced in Finland 
  • Allegro products are suitable for people with sensitive skin, allergies, asthma, itchiness, atopy and perfume intolerance. It is safe to wash children's and baby clothes including cloth diapers with Allegro.
  • Suitable to all kinds of laundry! Whites, colored laundry, blacks, wool, and synthetic fibers.
  • Allegro’s laundry detergents don’t fade colors
  • Allegro’s laundry detergents are zeolite-free 
  • Our powders don’t leave dust residue behind in your laundry
  • Your washing machine won’t smell and your clothes will stay fresh   
  • Our detergents can double the working life of your washing machine 

Allegro pesuaine