Machine cleaners

ALLEGRO machine cleaner, cleans your washing machine clean and fresh. Clean washing machine will last longer and also keep your laundry fresh.

In addition to washing machines, the machine cleaner can also be used for dishwashers, electric kettles, coffee machines and thermos bottles.

Cleaning your washing machine is easy, just follow the instructions below:

If you need help or tips on cleaning your washing machine, call us at +358 50 53 76 560 or email us at We will be happy to help!

  1. Start cleaning the washing machine by evacuating the contents of the bag of the ALLEGRO machine cleaner to the washing machine.
  2. Select the highest wash temperature and long program without prewash and wash the empty machine. Clean the lint filter.
  3. Put 0.3 dl (~0.12 cups) of Allegro detergent in the drum and wash the empty machine again with maximum washing temperature, without prewash.
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