Machine Cleaner economy pack 5 kg

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Machine Cleaner 5kg - for washing machine, dishwasher and kettle cleaning.

Note! We supply fabric softener without freight costs to your home only when you order Allegro 8 kg laundry detergent or more than 20 pieces of laundry detergent.

Machine Cleaner, 5kg

Machine Cleaner removes the stall smell, zeolite and other impurities from the washing machine. Clean washing machine produces fresh loundry.

As long as you use ALLEGRO laundry detergents you might not need to use washing cleaner anymore. ALLEGRO laundry detergents keep your washing machine clean, without leaving any impurities to your washing machine.

You can also use Machine Clener to wash dish washers, coffee makers, tea makers, kettles and thermos jugs.

Dish washer: Put 2-3 spoons (20-30g) of Machine Clener to the dispenser and run the machine without any dishes in 60-65°C. Stop the machine before the drying program, if possible. After this run the dish washer once more with out any dishes rinse it properly.

Coffee Maker: Dissolve 2 spoons (25g) of Machine Cleaner to 0,5 liters of warm water and let it cool down. Pour the water to the coffee maker and run it without the filter. After half of the water has gone through, shut down the coffee maker. Wait for 30 minutes as the the liquid takes effect and turn on the coffee maker for the rest of the water to run through the system. Rinse the maker by running clean water through it 2-3 times.

Kettle: Boil 0,5l of water with 2 spoons (25g) of Machine Cleaner dissolved to the water. Let the boiled water sit in the kettle for 15 minutes. Pour it our and rinse by boiling clean water 2-3 times. Remember to chaing the water everytime.

Washing Machine: Empty the Machine Cleaner bag to the washing machine drum, start the machine with a long program and maximum temperature (90°C). After the washign machine is ready empty the lint filter. Put 30ml of ALLEGRO laundry detergent to the machine and run the longest program on the maximum temperature. Empty the lint filter and you are all set to wash your laundry with your now clean washing machine.

ALLEGRO Machine Cleaner contains citric acid.

Machine Cleaner is included in every ALLEGRO 8kg laundry detergent package.

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