Try and be amazed

Free washing machine cleaner and deodorizer. Wash 20 loads of laundry during 14 days, and if you’re left unsatisfied, you may return the opened product and keep the washing machine cleaner.

The free trial works like this:

  1. Order the product like you would normally and choose the payment method. When ordering for the first time, we don’t recommend using your Klarna Account, i.e., paying in instalments, in order to make the refund as fast as possible.
  2. We send you 8 kg of Allegro Classic, Allegro Plus, Allegro Eko or Allegro Työvaatepesu 3 as per your order.
  3. When the order has arrived, you will receive a text message from Matkahuolto or Posti to the mobile phone number you’ve provided.
  4. NB! If you have redirected your calls to another telephone number, you will not receive the text message to that number. If your phone has been turned off, the message will be received with a delay.
  5. The package includes Washing Machine Cleaner and a bag of Wash Power Intensifier!
  6. Use the Washing Machine Cleaner to remove the coagulated zeolite and chalk, and foul smells, according to the instructions.
  7. You’ve paid for the product online or received an invoice from Klarna, which you pay if you decide to keep the entire package.
  8. The Klarna invoice’s payment time is 14 days. During this time the customer has the right to return the product, in accordance with the consumer protection act. The invoicing costs are 0€/order. If the payment is late, a 5€ late payment penalty fee will be added to the invoice, along with an 8% penalty interest.
  9. Your 14-day Allegro trial period starts when the package arrives.
  10. The 14-day trial doesn’t end by paying the invoice, you can continue washing 20 loads of laundry during the 90-day trial time. If you then, for any reason, wish to return the product, please call us at +35850-53 76 560, and we will either fetch the products or give you instructions on how to return them. We will refund the full amount of the purchase price to a bank account that you will have provided details about, the trial is free of charge. The machine cleaner, as well as the amount of washing powder that was used up during the trial, may be missing from the package when returning the product. This only applies to Finnish orders.
  11. If you are unable to pick up the products you’ve ordered from Matkahuolto or Posti, please do not ask them to send back the parcel, call us instead. If the product is returned without notifying us, we will charge you for Matkahuolto’s return shipping fee of 17,90€.
  12. You do not have to pay anything for the free cleansing of your washing machine. When ordering for the first time you get the washing machine cleaner for free, with its price already subtracted from your online order. If you are pleased with the high quality features of Allegro and want to use up the whole package, which amounts to 150-300 wash cycles, you just have to pay the invoice before it’s due and your first-time customer perk will be used.
  13. Good bye you old, stuffy washing machine - The Allegro washing machine cleaner and washing powders give you proper, clean laundry!​