Allegro Eko 20 kg

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Allegro Eko 20kg - ecological fragrance-free domestic laundry detergent. Formulated for sensitive skin.

We recommend Allegro Eko for areas where there is no municipal sewage network, or no wastewater treatment plants that remove phosphate. Includes Machine cleaning agent and Booster powder 250g. Environmentally friendly. Spreading rate approx. 200 cycles of laundry. Does not contain zeolite, perfumes, dyes or other materials to discolour. Clothes or the machine will not smell musty. The most ecological laundry detergent we produce. Package of recycled plastic.

The list of ingredients in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) 907/2006: Sodium carbonate, Sodium sulphate, Trisodium dicarboxymethyl alaninate, Sodium silicate, Sodium tallowate, Sodium cocoate, Laureth -3, Laureth -9, Protease, Amylase, Silica.

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