Allegro Fabric softener 750ml

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Allegro Fabric Softener, 750ml

Fragrance-free Allegro is allergy-friendly fabric softener. With our NEW dispensing cap, fabric softner is even more convenient to use. Now the cap opens easily and the bottle fits for your hand. Does not contain zeolite, perfumes, dyes or other materials to discolour. Clothes or the machine will not smell musty. Technical materials such as dry/dri-fit and gore-text might lose some of their properties, if fabric softener is used with them. Also elastic materials such as lycra, dorlasta are not adviced to be washed with fabric softeners.
  • Fragrance Free - Suitable for allergic, itchy, atopic, asthmatics, and childrens laundry
  • Removes Static - Improves the comfort of your clothes
  • Long lasting package - Up to 150 washes with one package
Instructions for use: Pour the fabric softener into the washing machine dispenser tray Long lasting package: 150 washings Always check the washing tag to make sure fabric softener can be used with your clothes.

Note! We supply fabric softener without freight costs to your home only when you order Allegro 8 kg laundry detergent or more than 20 pieces of laundry detergent.

Machine Wash (4-5kg) 20 ml
Hand Wash (10l vettä) 10 ml
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