Allegro Plus Trial Package 500g

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Allegro Plus 500g test package - Save 40% with this laundry detergent. Formulated for sensitive skin.

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Allegro Plus Test Package

Allegro Plus laundry detergent test package. Allegro Plus is especially suitable for allergies, atopic skin and asthma. Allegro washes your laundry clean and fresh, without any scents. Allegro is great for childrens laundry and cloth diapers. Allegro is favored by doctors and recommended by the washing machine manufacturers. Allegro does not contain zeolite, perfumes, dyes or other discoloring agents. Allegro Plus is our popular product. All Allegro products are produced in Parainen, Finland.

The package contains also Machine Cleaner that helps you to wash your washing machine clean and fresh. Machine Cleaner removes smells and zeolite from your washing machine. Allegro does not contain any zeolite or other substances that cause bad smell or damage the washing machine.

Allegro laundry detergent does not contain zeolitefragrances, dyes or discolouring agents, preservatives or optical brighteners. MI free (methylisothiazolinone).

  • Fresh & fragrance-free - Suitable for allergic, itchy, atopic, asthmatic, and childrens laundry
  • MI-free - Does not contain methylisothiazolinone
  • Zeolite-free - Keeps the washing machine fresh and clean

Package contains: Machine Cleaner (100g) & washing powder (400g).

The list of ingredients in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) 907/2006:
Sodium carbonate, sodium sulphate, Trisodium dicarboxymethyl alaninate, sodium silicate, sodium Tallowate, Sodium Cocoate, Laureth -3, Laureth -9, Protease, Amylase, Silica.

Number of Washings   Dosing 3-5kg
18 Soft water 50 ml
11 Medium water 60 ml
9 Hard water 80 ml
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