Presenting Allegro Suomi

Our story began in 1959, when Aimo A. Virtanen founded his first paint factory in Parainen, Finland. Since the production of paint mainly took place during summer, he needed another product, one that he could manufacture all year round.

The idea of this possible product evolved over the years, until at last, approximately 15 years ago, the production of the Allegro Classic laundry detergent began in Finland. This decision has proved to be the right one, since our products have universally received very positive feedback! This overwhelmingly positive response has come from sources such as the sales manager of a leading manufacturer of household appliances and internet message boards.

Since then I, Anu Kiiski, the daughter of Aimo, have taken over the responsibilities in our family business. We still manufacture our laundry detergent in the same factory as 15 years ago in Parainen, Finland. Nowadays we even have new products, which are shipped from our factory all around the world! It’s been wonderful to notice that the quality of Finnish labor is appreciated internationally, and we are undoubtedly going to continue with this practice in the future.

Nature is naturally near and dear to my heart and it’s something worth preserving. Working as a garden planner and garden instructor is something I have always been fond of. I believe that small green everyday choices has a positive impact on our environment and the wellbeing of people. Now, when I face new options and challenges I want to make similar ecological choices also in Allegro Suomi, as I do in my everyday life.

I’m very glad that I can use our ALLEGRO products with confident and know that they don’t harm the me or the environement. My washing machine feels better and it’s life-time expectancy is increased with several years, thanks to our zeolite free detergents. It’s nice to save both money and care for the environment!

It’s very important to us that our detergents are suitable for all people and especially for people with sensitive skin and allergies. They often have trouble finding proper washing powders that don’t spark allergic reactions. That’s why our powders are free of any and all zeolites, perfumes and preservatives. By doing so we remove all the allergenic substances and what’s left is a powder that’s good for you and good for the environment.

We are still are relatively small operation and thus far our reputation has mainly spread through word-of-mouth. One person has touted the quality of our products to another. In the beginning we mainly focused on reaching business clients, such as laundrettes.

Much to our delight ever since we opened our webshop our products have found their way into ordinary households, despite our product packaging being much larger than the name brand detergents you’d find in a supermarket!  Homemakers and housekeepers alike have appreciated our larger packages, thanks to which you don’t have run to the store as often!

The purpose of our blog

The purpose of this blog is to bring us closer to you, our reader. We hope that you’ll get to know us and the values that we represent better. To see what we’re all about. so to speak. We won’t forget you, mothers, who always welcome smart and time saving tips. We’ll be supplying you with seasonal tips on how to properly wash and care for your clothes. We also want to discuss the environment and environmental issues and provide tips for what each of us can do to benefit the environment.

We’d love to interact with you, so please, if you have any questions at all feel free to comment them below! We’ll gladly chat with you and we also heartily welcome suggestions for possible blog topics! Which topics would you like to read about? Have you faced any particularly troublesome stains, which despite your best efforts just wouldn’t wash off? Share your thoughts and we’ll discuss them!

We’re very enthusiastic about this new way to stay in touch with you. We hope that you became interested and that we’ll see you around in the future!


Sunny regards,

Anu Kiiski

Allegro Suomi (Finland)